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In 2021 Polypipe generously donated a STRAMATEL W-TOP WATER POLO SCOREBOARD and two SC30 WATER POLO SHOT CLOCKS.

These were of huge importance to us as the water polo scoring system is needed for the new, much faster paced game that water polo has become. Further to this, it allows our water polo teams to play a more intelligent game of water polo using the shot clocks to our advantage during home matches.

Whilst not only making our home water polo matches more exciting to spectate, the new scoring and timing system provides our junior water polo and mini water polo squads the opportunity for a more advanced and complete understanding of the sport of water polo whilst they are learning to play at Morley during our training sessions.

Polypipe is part of the Genuit Group Plc. Polypipe's main business is based on the development and deliverance of climate and water management solution which have been engineered for built environment sector. They specialise in public non-housing, residential, civils, commercial and infrastructure sectors.

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In 2021 Forktruck Solutions kindly sponsored Morley for four new sets of water polo hats - two home sets of hats and two sets of away hats. These were a huge addition to the club as they allow are teams to play in Morley branded kit so that when our water polo teams are playing they look more professional and the envy of our competition!

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